Teachers, we know what the beginning of the school year is like for you, and you deserve a special beer happy hour! The Southern Brewing Company wants to thank you for the long hours, weekend lesson planning, and the indescribable amount of energy you pour into your classroom every single day. Bring proof that you're a teacher (school ID, pay stub, school email, nametag, etc) and your drinks are 10% off tonight! Live music provided by Box Era, and Streets Cafe food truck on site. 

“If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 40 people in his office at one time, all of whom had different needs, and some of whom didn’t want to be there and were causing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer, or dentist, without assistance, had to treat them all with professional excellence for nine months, then he might have some conception of the classroom teacher’s job.” – Donald D. Quinn
Of course, the doctor or lawyer would also have to forgo two-thirds of his paycheck, but you get the idea.