Since 2010, the Music Business program at UGA has brought local up-and-coming artists together with students and alumni of the program for a full day of music. The Classic City Music Festival is an opportunity for students to showcase what they have learned throughout the program and to plan, promote, perform and put on a music festival. With a warm vibe and a diverse day of music, the festival is a must-attend spring event for students, friends, and family.

This year we are extremely proud to announce that the proceeds of the Classic City Music Festival will assist in funding the Music Business Summer Opportunity Scholarship Fund. This scholarship was created for students who are doing a music-related summer internship in another part of the country and are impeded by an inability to afford to move while also paying tuition. The Summer Opportunity Scholarship Fund will help remove financial barriers and open doors for committed students who are interested in starting a career in the music industry. Internships in the music industry are imperative to attain an otherwise unattainable job. Students who receive financial support from scholarships become leaders in their industry and Classic City Music Festival is an opportunity to give back to the Athens community.