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  1. Hey, folks! I was just checking out the website on my iPad, and when clicking on the brew tab and the crew tab it kept taking me back to the main page. I thought you should know, if you don’t already. I really want to know about the beers and where I can buy them. Thanks!

    • Thanks for letting us know, Trey! We’re maintaining the website ourselves, instead of hiring someone who knows what they’re doing, so we’re still finding glitches. There is a sub-tab under “The Brews” called “Our Beers” that gives links to specifics about each staple beer and the special releases we’ve had so far. We cannot advertise on the webpage which locations serve our beer, unfortunately, but many bars and restaurants in Athens have us on draft, as well as the growler shops in town. Come in to the facility and we’ll steer you in the right direction! Thanks for checking us out. Cheers!
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